May 2013

Amanda Carr sits down with Lindsay Gardner of Dearest Pinky


DearestPinkyLet’s start by asking about your name “Dearest Pinky”… how did that come about?
That is one question I have got many times. My grandmother gave me the nickname Dearest Pinky when I was born because I was bright pink. When I decided to start my own project in music I was currently helping to take care of her because she was ill. I decided since she was in the forefront of my mind when the project was conceptualized I decided to use her name for me.

Was music your primary focus in school or has your musical career started from a passionate interest?
I can’t remember a time that music wasn’t a driving force in my life. I grew up learning piano and saxophone and then landed on guitar. I always knew I had a voice to be heard in music and my life has all lead up to my debut. I studied at Berklee college of Music where I explored many paths which all lead to a love for composition and Engineering/producing.

I noticed your band members are featured on your website; is it difficult to keep the same players in the band? What is the history of your relationship with your band mates?
In the early stages of Pinky it was tough to keep a consistent line up. I built the project from nothing and even recorded the songs with just a structure and then I networked and tracked the album one track at a time. Finally after a few set backs I settled on the line up I currently have. Scott Tarulli was an instructor of mine at Berklee and Mark Cherone was my guitar instructor as a teenager. It has been such an honor to play beside them. Mark Dailey also has been a huge part of the Pinky team and has been my co engineer/producer and light when things have been tough. My backup singer Chelsea Ventura is also such an inspiration for me vocally and she is in the band and travels to Boston from Atlanta to be a part of the Pinky team. Jordan Alegant and Darrell Maki are just fantastic as well.

Your shows have a theatrical element to them. What “of-like” performers have been your inspiration and if you would have to pick someone who you’ve modeled yourself after, who would that be?
That question is a little tough considering I have always tried to hold true to my on individual voice and have not consciously tried to model anyone. I can tell you that such bands as Led Zeppelin, Within Temptation, Extreme and Tool have always inspired me. I would say Sandra Nasic of Guano Apes has been a heavy influence on me.

Your ‘persona’ on stage is uber-confident. Is this an extension of who you are personally or does the stage allow you to express yourself with more emotional freedom?
Dearest Pinky is an extension of myself in which I feel most at home and happy. Its funny once I hit that stage all the troubles in the world melt away. Everyday Pinky is a bit more reserved. I love that Dearest Pinky is the extroverted version of me.

As an original independent artist forging your own path in the music business, making progress can be quite challenging. What have been the greatest obstacles thus far?
The greatest obstacles so far have been building my Dearest Pinky family. I have gone through a lot of negative people to reach the supportive team I have now. Also being resourceful with limited funding has been incredibly challenging. I have been fortunate to have lots of support from family, which I am thankful for everyday.

Your 2012 “Halloween” CD release “Blood & Scars” is a bit macabre,.. how has this been received? Will this be the brand or theme of your projects moving forward?
A handful of people have initially thought that but as they listen to the album they realize that “Blood and Scars” represents the struggles we face as humans and how we all bleed and that scars represent our past. I love concepts so the next album I am currently working on is entitled “Blood and Fire.” So basically the first album is about struggles and overcoming them and the new album will be about owning those struggles and rising up from them.

We all need support and collaboration in our artistic endeavors. Who have been your “go-to’s” for support and collaboration for achieving your vision?
The three most important people for me in my artistic endeavors have been hands down Scott Tarulli, Mark Cherone and Mark Dailey. They are my boys!

What would you like people to know about you that they might not get from visiting your website or watching your YouTube performance clips?
I would want people to know that the Pinky experience is like no other. We really pride ourselves on our live performances/sound and try to deliver a show that will keep the audience wanting more. We love what we do and it shows.

What is in the works for you next?
I am currently working on the new album entitled “Blood and Fire”. I am just starting the tracking phase in the studio. I also hope to play some shows in Europe since we have been very well received and have had lots of radio play. I would love to expand on that.

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