September 2013

Krista Angelucci


Krista… those who have followed you over the past couple of years know you were the winner of “Stars Over Boston” in 2010, making a return guest performance the following year,.. so you’re no stranger to the BWME organization. Did winning that competition springboard you in any way to what you’re doing now musically?
In a lot of ways, yes it has. I look at every competition, award, opportunity that has come my way as a stepping stone in my career. All of those things are a huge part of my growth as an artist. As far as Stars Over Boston specifically, it was an awesome opportunity. I was able to play at, Scullers Jazz Club, a well known venue in Boston. I also was able to meet some incredible people in the industry and there was a lot of press involved as well. I am very grateful for that whole experience.

Last year you were part of a project along with a number of other local South Shore singers that created a touching music video for ‘The One Fund’ to help raise awareness and funds for the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing. This was a unique and very special endeavor headed up by local musician/producer Joe Merrick and must have made your feel a special sense of fulfillment to be a part of this effort with so many other talented individuals. What other charities are you supporting with your music and what else would you like to make your fans aware of?
Throughout the past few years I have been involved with a lot of different charities and non profit organizations. I have performed and sang the National Anthem for a lot of ALS Walks, Boston and Manchester’s Childrens’ hospital, Relay for Life, USO, Massachusetts Iraq and Afghanistan Fallen Heroes, and Make A Wish Foundation.

How influential has your family been in supporting you as you begin your career. Do you think this kind of support is essential for any budding artist?
I could not ask for more when it comes to family support! My family has been amazing to me. They have always encouraged me to follow my dreams and they support me every step of the way. I feel very blessed to be so close to my family. I will say, having that kind of support, can make getting through the hard times easier. You constantly have someone pulling you back up on your feet, which I have been very fortunate to have.

I’m sure you realize how important it is to perform ‘live’ as much as possible,.. has this been a challenge for you to keep up your band, and your schedule?
I think I am just so use to it by now. Haha! My schedule has been insane for years. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work. With that usually comes long hours and late nights. I love what I do and I do everything I can to make it happen. Performing live is hugely important for exposure and experience. Also, writing is another very important thing that any aspiring artist should be doing just about daily. So to answer the question, yes it gets tough and tiring sometimes, but my heart’s fully in it and I could never give it up.

You seem to be someone who is undaunted with the amount of competition out there in the music world, especially in the female country artist category, where do you derive your confidence? How do you deal with self-doubt?
Not to say I never get discouraged…That’s just part of life and learning. But I have a huge support system of family and friends, who are constantly reminding me of how far I have already come. If I start feeling a little discouraged my dad always pulls me to the side and says “Krista, look at where you were a year ago and how many things you have accomplished since.” Both of my parents are amazing and so encouraging.

How has your emerging popularity changed your perspective on the music business in general.
Over the years I have learned a lot about the business. You realize more and more how much work it is, but I’m a strong believer that with perseverance and a desire you will make it. I have also learned that writing is super important in today’s country music world and I make sure that is always a priority of mine.

Where are some of the places you hope to perform and that you’ve always dreamed of performing.
Someday I would love to play at the Grand Ole Opry! What an amazing experience that would be! Also, to be a part of Countryfest at Gillette Stadium. There’s not much better than being a part of the biggest country show near my home town

Who has been your greatest influence.
Amy Grant. I grew up listening to her and she was the first artist that I saw in concert too. As an artist, she has had a huge impact on my career.

As you move to Nashville this month, what are some of the challenges your face. What are you most excited about?
I know that it will be very tough moving to a new town. Especially being 18 hours away from my family who I am very close with. But I am extremely excited about this move and I know that it’s time for me. I have been traveling back and forth from Boston to Nashville for a couple years now and I feel confident with the move. I have met some awesome people and learned a lot about the music business. I am looking forward to meeting others, learning more, writing like crazy, and seeing what the future holds.

What is your next music project? What excitement is on the horizon for Krista Angelucci?
My next project, as of now, will be releasing a new single that I recently wrote. I am really excited to get some new music out there!

Is there anything else you would want people to know about your music/career?
I have recently released a music video for my single “Like You” which you can find on Vevo and Youtube. I will also be back up in New England for an “Oct Tour”! You can find the tour dates on my website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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