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Jeanne Denizard

Radio Anchor for iHeartMedia, Performing Arts Writer Sleeplesscritic.com, Production Director The Sleepless Critic
Work: 978-618-6929 Website: sleeplesscritic.com
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Performing arts writer Jeanne Denizard has been hooked on theatre since her onstage debut at age four. She is currently involved in several aspects of community performing arts and is always ready to book her next theatre/concert outing. She has had the honor of writing for a wide range of organizations such as the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Broadway in Boston, the Company Theatre, Boston Ballet, Celebrity Series of Boston, as well as about the Tony Awards and other upcoming events in NYC.  She loves learning about people and has interviewed Broadway star and actress Kristin Chenoweth, Dicky Barrett from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, award-winning singer Melissa Etheridge, Boston Pops conductor Keith Lockhart, and Ron Della Chiesa to name a few.  When not behind her computer, cracking the keys to deliver the latest arts and entertainment news, she can be heard on Boston radio as a Radio Anchor and Production Director.

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