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Carrie Pasquarello

CEO Global Secure Resources Inc.
Work 1 International Place Suite 1400 Boston MA Cell Phone: 857.389.0033 Website: globalsecureresources.com
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Carrie Pasquarello worked in the fashion industry in Milan and for the State Department overseas. Over the years she learned critical security skills to keep herself and her family safe. She turned these lifesaving skills into a business by Co-Founding Global Secure Resources Inc., with program experts represented from the ranks of the US Department of State, Foreign Service, Federal and State Law Enforcement. The company’s mission is to mitigate risk and prevent victimization. In addition, as a crisis counselor, she assisted victims and survivors of violence. Knowledge is power and to spread this message globally, Carrie has launched a video series to educate followers on safety and global issues impacting their security.

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