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Amanda Carr

Website: www.AmandaCarr.com

Biographical Info

Amanda Carr is one of Boston’s most talented natural resources. The daughter of a big band vocalist and trumpeter, Amanda is a multi-styled vocalist, pianist and composer who has performed on stages around the world. For the past three decades, she has honed her skills as a featured vocalist with the Boston Popsand as the headliner for the EuroJazz Festival in Italy. Amanda has many recording projects to her credit, including her most recent big band recording which debuted at #32 on the National Billboard charts. This Emmy nominated composer is also the founder of the American Big Band Preservation Society. With 5 jazz vocal singles in distribution worldwide, she continues to perform with her own group and as a guest vocalist with other ensembles. As Operations Director for Piano Mill, Amanda develops and oversees community music programs while cultivating and promoting musical talent in their Performing Arts Center.

Categories: Composer, Musician, Recording Artist, Singer