This new series directly serves our mission:  to help you succeed by giving you access to the pros.  Approximately 6 times a year, one of our Elite Mentors will host her own 1-2 hour Wisdom Workshop where she will share her career story, offering practical advice and new skills designed help you achieve your goals. Wisdom Workshops are held at various locations, including the Arts & Business Council of Boston, Emerson College and very often, at the offices/venues of our Elite Mentors.

Navigating the workplace in the #metoo #timesup movement

April 28, 2018
10 am – 12 pm
Emerson College

BWME is delighted to kick off its Wisdom Workshop series on April 28th. Entertainment lawyer Sally Gaglini and employment lawyer Laura Panos bring a fresh perspective on the ever changing workplace conduct rules. They’ll offer their wisdom and experiences on how to survive and succeed, raising your awareness of harassment and its subtleties together with money and equal pay. The two invite an engaging workshop on how to overcome obstacles, identify common landmines that can trip you up and provide you with information you need to launch and maintain successful careers.

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