Brunner Communications

Led by longtime WCVB-TV anchor Liz Brunner, Brunner Communications assists high-profile individuals and organizations in developing powerful, meaningful, and desirable brand identities. Through customized training, clients learn the necessary skills to become great communicators and build a marketable reputation. The firm provides ongoing consultative expertise to ensure reputations and performance skills are maintained.

BWME members receive a $250 discount off the “Boston Basic” Coaching Program.
This is a series of five one-hour personalized sessions, tailored to the client’s needs, goals and skill level. Each session incorporates real-time video analysis. Available executive coaches include Liz Brunner and Candy O’Terry. Coach designation will be determined on consultation call.

Liz Brunner will assess client’s strengths and weaknesses and design a specific curriculum and lesson plan for each session.

Topics include:

  • Learning to effectively communicate in all relationships
  • Personal presentation skills, including speaking patterns/vocal production, story-telling/content, body language, wardrobe influence, hair, makeup, etc.
  • Brand imaging and messaging
  • Public speaking, verbal and non-verbal delivery techniques
  • How to speak with authority, project confidence enthusiasm, command and conviction while maintaining authenticity
  • Media training for all genres

Sessions are scheduled approximately one-week apart and are typically held at the Prudential Tower, 16th floor, 800 Boylston Street, Boston, MA.

Standard fee: $5500, BWME special pricing $5250. (Terms of agreement will be discussed during initial consultation call.) Contact 888-468-7008 or


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