QuickConnect gives our members the opportunity to try their hand at hosting a networking event, launch party, or fam trip with a little assist from us. Members come up with a venue (and this could be their own studio, business, or favorite watering hole) and arrange some nibbles and we’ll handle the reach out to our members and promotion through our e-newsletter and social media sites.

Think of QuickConnect as a close conversation instead of just another networking event: a chance to truly get to know other BWME members on a deeper level. QuickConnect sparks not just new friendships, but ideas—and if you’ve got goals and resolutions on the table, bring ’em.

As busy schedules continue to challenge our attendance at events, BWME’s QuickConnect can also supplement your existing networking plans. This is a great opportunity to invite your fellow BWME members to your turf and give your hosting skills a try!

If you are interested in hearing more, or hosting a QuickConnect, contact: dayla@bwme.org