Welcome to a new community of women engaged in media

Whether you are gainfully employed or are currently seeking employment in broadcasting, performing arts, public relations or new media, we want you to join us for just $90.00 a year. (Student Membership $45.00)



The mission of Boston Women in Media & Entertainment is to connect, educate and inspire our members.  We do this through networking events combined with inspiring programming like our Story Behind Her Success series, Live & Learn, our on-going career enrichment in partnership with the Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston, our talent roster and our powerful Speakers Bureau and QUICKConnect, our newest program that enables our members to host mini-networking events where and when they want them.

Who We Are

Originally formed in 2002 as the Boston Chapter of the American Women in Radio & Television, Boston Women in Media & Entertainment was co-founded in 2012 by board President Candy O’Terry and Executive Vice President Dayla Arabella Santurri. Through our Live & Learn programs and partnership with the Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston, our signature series The Story Behind Her Success, QUICKConnect,  our networking opportunities and need-based scholarships in broadcasting and the arts, we strive to nurture and mentor this generation of women and the next in all aspects of media and entertainment. We have a talent roster and speakers bureau that include some of the best in the business. We also feature many of these talented women as guest bloggers on our blog, Microphones & Madness.