About The Members’ Events Calendar

What is the purpose of the events calendar?
The Boston Women in Media & Entertainment events calendar is intended to provide our members with a simple interface to promote their professional events to the public and to other members.

What can be posted to the calendar?
Any networking event, training course, seminar, forum, conference, fundraisers (e.g. concerts, golf tournaments, charity walks), as well as for-profit events (e.g. concerts, fairs, exhibits, theatre).
Events should be demonstrably relevant to professionals in media and entertainment and their families.
Events held outside Massachusetts are generally excluded from the calendar.
Some exceptions are made to relevant events in other areas (e.g. out of state conferences, relevant events in Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire)

Who can post to the calendar?
Boston Women in Media & Entertainment welcomes all members and partners to post to our event calendar. Posting events with BWME member discounts are highly encouraged, but not necessary for approval. BWME member’s involvement in the event must be clear. If it is not evident from event description, please include in the ‘comments’ section.

All events are subject to modification and approval by a BWME administrator.

Is there a fee to post to the calendar?
If you are a BWME, there is no fee for posting events on the calendar.

What should I check before submitting my event?

  • Spelling, grammar and consistent style. Be mindful that small errors can undermine confidence about the quality of events provided by your organization.
  • Completeness of event information
  • Professionalism
  • Don’t forget the call to action! Make sure you provide links to more information and to purchase tickets
  • Photos – Events that have photos always get more attention. Please be mindful of the photo submission guidelines and be sure you have appropriate approvals to use those photos.
    Only submit your event when it’s ready. You should only submit events which have corresponding information on your organization’s website.

What if I make a mistake or an event changes over time?
You are able to log in and edit your event’s details after it is submitted.

What is the moderation process for events?
Once you have submitted an event, a moderator will determine if the event is relevant to our members. If so, the moderator will assess the accuracy and completeness of your information.
Pending these checks, the moderator will approve the event, and you’ll receive an automated email
advising the event has been approved.

How long does moderation take?
In most cases, events which adhere to these guidelines will be approved within three working days of submission. If you have not received an approval notification or a message from the moderators within this time, please email members@bwme.org

Need technical support?
Contact our webmaster, Debra Nettles at